1. I love You Tube! And your blog, no matter what you're talking about. I'm finding summer to be a difficult time what with all the kid stuff going on! Early morning still works best for Bible reading, but it doesn't happen at that time everyday. That's harder during the summer too!

  2. I'm a late night person, the summer makes it even later, but I still like the time at night when the house is quiet and everyone's in bed…

  3. Seeking the face of the very first Author is the best way to blog! When I view blogging as an assignment, I get so dry – but when I allow my Creator to give me a passion for something in His word, the message He gives me is straight from the heart. Thanks for this post! God bless!

  4. I love it when I take the time to ask God ~ what do you want me to blog?, what do you want me to talk to my counselor about today?, when do you want me to have a quiet time this summer? etc.

    I hate it when I forget, get lazy,& don't take the time to seek God's face in these practical things.

    You just finished a huge series . . . you deserve a you tube break:) while you LISTEN.

  5. Don't worry, Sandy. The ideas will come. And your readers will keep coming and checking in and coming back again. We love you! 🙂

    I actually love summer because my girls sleep in and I get up, make my coffee, and sit on my porch and pray in the quiet. Or I take my dog for an early walk and pray while I walk. For me, it's easier in the summer to spend time with the Lord than during the school year.

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