1. I am still out of town for the holiday weekend and am at a crowded coffee shop. (no internet at my dad's home). I just laughed so loudly at your delightful post . . . people are looking at me.

    Eight years of potato chip love. You rock, Sandy.


  2. Oh my gosh, I am dying laughing for two reasons. First, because this is so funny. And, second, because just this morning (I kid you NOT!) i took a picture of our pantry and all the bags of chips in it. I was going to work up some sort of blog post with it, but I think you've beaten me in the funny-blog-post-featuring-pictures-of-chips category.

  3. Oh My!
    I laughed out loud! I'm convinced this is universal… especially the absolute consternation we wives feel when they prove to us yet again that they are that simple and straightforward! Why can't they be more complicated, anyway?
    But I guess if we both had thirty items on our lists, that would be pretty scary!
    Thanks for a funny and insightful post!

  4. This is so like me. I could see myself half falling off my chair just to tell G my list LOL
    But i am so DEFINITELY trying this!!
    Thanks Sandy!!!! Maybe I'll be joining you in the LURV pantry LOL

  5. oh my gosh. I LOLed all through this post. Hilarious. I am a quality time girl, myself. My husband is a words of affirmation man and this is harder than it seems. It is so easy for me to pick at what he DOESN'T rather than applaud him for what he does.

  6. I literally laughed out loud because I remember you telling this story…so funny! I am thankful that Jack has never made the same request because chips are my "life's weakness" – – – no joke! I see a chip and it must enter my mouth, hence the reason I only have pretzels (don't really ever crave) and tortilla chips (don't really eat unless paired with salsa or guacamole). Jon and I would be a horrible chip-eating pair! 🙂

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