1. Thanks for the Egg and chicken information…After I had my hardboiled egg for my mid-morning snack. Yuck.

    Monday is the official start date of my new lease on life and eating to get healthy and look fine fine fine. LIke a friend of mine said, "you can do it for health and vanity's sake". Yes, I might be doing it more for vanity than for health but I am sure the health will benefit from the vanity. After all, I am carrying around 25 unwelcomed and unwanted lbs that have deposited on my body.

    So I will be having my 5 to 6 small meals consisting of lean proteins, and right carbs. I will be drinking 100 oz of water/fluid. And eliminating sodium (can Fitness Friday Girl research the benefits of eliminating sodium?). I will also be finding the time to do my cardio walking 5 times a week and will make the time for my fitness training. Yes, I am a woman on a mission!

  2. I am ignoring the first half of your post, because I would rather NOT be cool and buying organic or local is a financial impossibility in these parts.

    One thing I noticed in the second half of the post is your weight-tracking. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that "you may have a problem with your scale." By that, I don't mean that it's broken. I think you should ask Jon to take your scale from you and hide it for two-four weeks.

    You are weighing in so frequently that the constant stress is probably creating a bunch of extra cortisol in your system, THUS keeping the weight on. 😉 In all seriousness, fluctuations on a daily basis are NORMAL in women – I know you know this. So instead, look for progress over time – at least two weeks. In the in-between time, stay off that nasty scale, girl!

  3. Ugh and double ugh on the whole "chicken and egg" thing. At this point, does it matter what came first? They all sound gross! And to think I was planning on going downstairs to make chicken taco salad after this…..I do have a can of organic pinto beans that I will add to mine instead. My husband (who couldn't care less about gross meat because is somehow able to put all of that out of his Irish meat-and-potatos mind) can have the rest of the grilled chicken. I so want to buy only organic meat and just eat less meat in general (I could go mostly vegetarian and be fine with it) so I'm trying to make more dinners where meat is an ingredient rather than the main course.

    But I do buy my half-and-half by the half gallon as well….and usually organic! (Now if I can just pony up the 6.00/gallon for organic milk….I'm working on it!

    Blessings and give your scale a rest this weekend…:)

  4. Hey Sandy, have you ever thought of drinking your coffee BLACK?! It's yummy! 🙂 (But I totally laughed out loud at the end of your post.)

    Oh, honey, I can relate so much to what you are going through with the weight, but my problem may be a bit more permanent–menopause. Ugh. I'm way too young for this, but I can't do a whole lot to stop it. I've put on a few pounds this year, so this week I decided to sign up for Weight Watchers online. It's a lot of what you already do–writing everything down. Kind of a pain, but I've done it once and it really worked. I just hate that it's come to this. 🙁

  5. I'm new to your site… so maybe somebody already mentioned this, but two areas you haven't mentioned on the weight gain are sleep and blood sugar. Those two got me in the same predicament. I was on a strict diabetic diet (with no cheating) and walked hard (sweating profusely) for an hour a day and did not lose a single pound for ten weeks! I could hardly believe it, and the nutritionist I saw did not believe it. Her words were, "If you could just manage to follow this diet and lose five pounds…" She basically thought I was lying to her.
    But I digress… The point is I was getting up twice a night with my baby and the fatigue (plus blood sugar issues I'm sure)was preventing my body from losing the weight. You mentioned needing coffee, so I'm thinking a little extra sleep may do the trick for you. It sure made me think sleep was more important!
    Hope this helps…

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