1. Um, yum!!! I need a Sandy Cooper recipe file at my house! We are trying to get away from processed junk to try and help with the ADHD running rampant in my house. It's kind of overwhelming though to know where to start, so I'll try these!

    Love you!

  2. I can't wait to try your granola bar recipe – I thought for a minute I could do that later and then realized I have no honey in the house:( They sound wonderful.

    We are big smoothie people here as well. I've been using coconut milk (a brand called SO Delicious), organic yogurt, a banana and frozen strawberries, mango and sometimes pineapple – I just try to stuff it all in there and once I even used half a carrot.

    I'm making organic pasta tonight with turkey meatballs (pre-packaged from Trader Joe's) and organic sauce with a side of steamed organic broccoli. I'm serving it right after school so we have time for outdoor exercise….I'm going to "health up" this family or go down trying!

  3. Okay, Fitness Friday girl, these recipes sound great. I only have one "beef" with them. Why the ground turkey? Did you know that one pound of lean beef has the same amount of fat and cholesterol as lean turkey? I don't understand this big exodus from the consumption of beef. I realize you did a post on how scary the beef industry is, but I eat only free range beef that is organic. Of course, all of my beef is raised by my dad in his pasture, and he never uses hormones or anything like that, so I guess it is easy for me to come by. My thoughts are that if people would actually buy free range organic beef, people like my dad would not be struggling (as much, he's a farmer, so struggling is part of the package)to make ends meet.

    My sister and her family went away from eating beef and they all developed anemia within a few months. Maybe this was coincidence, but it does seem very related.

    Anyway, as usual, I love your post and will keep coming back. I don't mean to offer criticism, I just get tired of seeing everything with turkey instead of lean organic ground beef. NOW I WILL STEP DOWN FROM MY SOAPBOX AND ADD:

    I'm so happy to see this granola recipe. Buying truly healthy granola bars is enough to break the bank, so I'm eager to try a kid tested recipe!

  4. Have you not checked out the BROWNIE recipe on my blog that has SPINACH and CARROT purree in it. That also has a crazy 3GRAMS OF FIBRE IN IT….. Just saying you know…

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