1. I do struggle with time management at home I get home at 5:40 with both boys and then its bedtime before I know it, and I wonder where did the time go? Chores still need done libary books didn't get read and I didn't get to spend real quality time with either of my kids. I need to analyze where my time goes beteen getting home and kids bedtime to make myself a better wife and mom.

  2. I quit Facebook a couple months ago…..and not just deactivated, I totally and completely deleted my account. The first few weeks I had FB cravings, it was really hard. Which just confirmed my need to quit :). Now I barely miss it, and when I log onto my husbands account every once in a while, I realize that I haven't missed much.
    And I have noticed a difference. This small thing was taking up so much time. Suddenly I have no reason to check my phone every 5 minutes.

  3. Sandy,
    As I read through your post something leapt at me from the screen. I wonder if perhaps your feeling some misplaced guilt, especially when it comes to your children. Please give yourself a great big break. It is not possible for you to do everything everyday in an abosolute perfect way because we live on earth, not heaven.

    While it sounds like you might have some time management issues to address particularly when it comes to technology, I really think that you are a great mom doing a great job with her children. You want only the best for your family and will do whatever it takes to get it for them. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is a great aspiration. More women should be like that. Please try to see what you actually accomplish every day. You move mountains (probably of laundry) every day for your family. Don't let the small things that go undone overshadow what you do.

    You are a great person with a sincere and honest heart for God. THAT is all that matters. Focus on that.

  4. U read my mind. I do the same annoying thing with forgetting appts and moving from project to project without finishing one first. I am really trying to Slow Down and do one thing at a time. Harder than it sounds. I have also recently been hit with the "my kids are growing up and I am missing it…." So, I am also trying to love thru homework, not growl-not working yet, and make what I can do, count. I can't help with the ipod stuff as mine does the same stinking thing! Keep us updated.

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