1. I’m in. I need solitude also. If I finally get my mind to shut off the ‘to do’ list long enough to actually sit in silence, I fall asleep! Would a large dose of caffiene be counter productive? LOL!

    1. Oh, Lori. I LOL’ed at this comment. That is soooooo me! My poor kids. They ask me to please sit and watch TV with them and I dread it because I know the minute I sit down I fall asleep. I’m thinking caffeine is entirely appropriate during solitude. I have no scriptural precedence for this, just common sense. 🙂

  2. This extrovert needs alone time as well… and I drive to work every morning without the radio or CD playing. It’s an extension of my quiet time/prayer time. I love it.

    Enjoy the solitude and Happy Easter!

    1. I often drive in silence, too. Especially just before picking up my sweet kiddos. It prepares me for the non-stop chatter/bickering that happens on the ride home.

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