1. I find it easy to slow down when I am with people I love … I want to cherish each moment. When I am working on a project … I love to work like a crazy person. Can I call that balance? 🙂


    1. That sounds like great balance! I actually like to work very quickly when I’m doing housework or anything having to do with the computer (besides writing). But I like to take my time cooking. I like to take longer walks. I like to take my time writing in my journal and praying in the mornings. I like to extend date-nite as long as possible…just a few things for me.

  2. I’m with Glenda… love slowing down time when I’m with people I like and love Another time would be when on vacation – either relaxing or visiting interesting places.

    And lastly, I love to down shift (slow down) when it’s a big rain or snow storm… time seems to slowly tick by on those days, so my soul follows suit.

  3. Sandy,
    I do think it is important to be both productive and effective but you are right life’s objective should not be productivity. I think things that matter most take time to develop. I grew up on a farm and there are no short cuts on the farm. On the farm to be productive you have to prepare the soil, plant the seed, water it, weed it, water more, weed more, sometime you have to prune, and sometimes you even have to start over after a crop fails. To do well with the farm you can not concentrate on productivity you have to make sure you take your time and do all the right things with your crop. The important things in life need this too.

    Those relationships we love need us to take our time and give them our undivided attention. A meaningful relationship can not be rushed.

    1. Every time I work in the yard, tending to flowers, pulling weeds, etc, I think about the spiritual analogies. I love when you said, “To do well with the farm, you cannot concentrate on productivity.” That’s profound.

  4. Sandy,
    I had to laugh about praying in the bathroom. Sometimes I must think God lives in the bathroom because that is where I do a lot of praying. It seems like it is the only place that I can get complete privacy.

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