1. Sandy,
    I have my most success when I do as you explain; when I have planned intention. If i purposely sit down and make out a plan to accomplish something and plan times to work on it then I accomplish so much more than just thinking I want to do something or I want to be better at something. To much does not get done if I try to let the day roll however it might.

    1. It makes sense–the challenge for me is to stick with the plan or wisely adjust the plan when life gets in the way. I tend to get discouraged and then stop being intentional.

  2. To do it INTENTIONALLY!! Sounds like everything I’ve been feeling in my own Spirit, you just wrote about! This WILL be the year of progress and completion! I am claiming it right now! I came into this new year with a fresh and better perspective! I just have to continue to pray off the spirit of procrastination (and laziness)! Pray for me as I will do the same for you! Thank you again!!!

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