1. We are in the thick of transition. Baby #5 arrived 4 days ago. This was a great post for me to read as we are just at the beginning of this big change. Not to mention, even though we homeschool, with the Fall coming we have all the normal activities of sports, dance, and all the kids' extra curricular activities getting started in the next few weeks. I'm sure over the next month I'll be referring back to this post! Glad you are back to blogging! 🙂

  2. I feel like I have been in various forms of transition for 5 years. Some kinds of transition gives me energy and other make me super tired.

    Good, helpfrul words here, Sandy.


  3. Great advice! I feel like I'm almost always in transition, but that is life, huh?
    My oldest child just began Kindergarten. That has been a big transition for both of us. It's kind of fun waking up at 5:15 everyday *insert immature eyeroll*
    I have a few ailments that make me tired anyway, but add in REAL LIFE and transitions…Whew! Sister girl needs a nap!
    Actually, I'll go see if my three year old is down with that right now 😉

  4. As you posted this, I was taking two boys (21 and 19), 5 hours drive from home, to college. Our house is oddly empty. My daughter (16) is having a rough time, not wanting to be the only child (which is a sweet thing). My husband and I took the weekend off to just be together, to adjust to our new normal, to have time to talk about our sadness, to let tears flow, and just to rest. It was good planning on our part. Your post was so helpful! Helped me remember that transition brings stress and to act with grace while everyone in the family makes the adjustment.

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