1. My solution: Lee Comfort Waistband, "the most comfortable pant you'll ever wear." On sale at Kohl's. Proud owner of 3 new pair. I'll be the one in brown on Sunday.

    As for Banton, he just sold the stuff. He doesn't care what others put into THEIR bodies!

  2. Love, love, love the Vanessa Hudgens comments and your response. I too would love to know what the British deem a "stone", because all I can think of is losing weight by passing kidney stones!

  3. I think a stone is about 8 pounds. What a great post! You amaze me once again – you tackle a very emotional topic with great humor and still make me want to pursue losing weight. Keep up the great work, both writing and losing weight.

  4. Sharon…I'll look for your comfortable waistband on the platform.

    Mindy…I think of larger stones. Like the smooth landscaping kind.

    Glenda…OK…so I need to lose one and a half stone. Got it. You're a gem. Which is technically a stone too, is it not?


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