1. sandy, you are hilarious. i think i laughed out loud at least 6 times while reading your wonderful post. Thanks for risking your weight journey, by willingly doing the sun chip study, just for us! You better be careful, or you'll have to build a bigger platform. (see we all can give bad jokes.)

    have a blessed easter weekend.

  2. This was worth the afternoon wait 🙂 I don't just agree, but can completely confirm that junk food is highly addictive! I've fallen off the healthy eating wagon and am running to jump back on! It's so hard with the 15,000 daily temptations wrapped up in such pretty packages. Is the answer to completely give it up and not go back at all, even for occasional treats? I'm starting to think it has to be all or nothing for me and it's kind of depressing. Especially if you look at all the tempting dessert pictures on my blog. How can I be a baker if I never try the food? (Isn't there a shoemaker/feet never shod kind of reference here?!?) Would love to read your thoughts especially as Easter chocolate is calling my name. 🙁

  3. Oh my…I could be that rat!!! Just returned from the mission trip to Vietnam. Ate skinny-cause they do. Now I am home-cheeseburgers baby and lots of them!
    (trip was amazing the reading material-fabulous!!)

  4. Sandy, sweet Sandy . . . O the Lord must have wonderful plans for you. Your humor, your wit, you honesty – what a gift! I so much look forward to reading your blog because God uses your posts to lighten my spirit and give me encouragement.
    Can't wait for the world to catch some of this in your first book!Amen?
    Love you!

  5. oh boy, that was the funniest picture I've seen in a while and the funniest run-on sentence I've read all day! Thanks for the laughs…

  6. You guys are all hilarious.

    Mindy, it's all or nothing for me, too, I think. The really funny thing is that when I originally read your comment, I, too, was eating easter candy!!! Too funny. I'm on vacation, so I'm relaxing my eating rules quite a bit. I'm realizing bad eating breeds more bad eating. It's hard for me to eat just one scoop of ice cream. I want the whole container and I want to finish licking the remains of everyone else's.

    I love all of you!!!

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