1. This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing! And yes, I have been working on realistic and age appropriate goals. Right now, the true goals are to be active and to make sure I don’t have to go on cholesterol meds.

    Would I like to be down to my pre-parenting weight? Back to a weight when I could walk my dog 3 times a day and salsa dance for 3 hours a night while working out after work 4 days a week? Of course… But that would mean… I wouldn’t have time for my son or myself.

    Life changes. We change. Our perspective have to change. Now wrinkles and grey hair. Girlfriend, that’s another argument. This girl here is fighting that one hard!

    1. I’ve given up on wrinkles. I will dye my hair until the day I die. It’s an easy fix and I prefer any other color to gray.

      Though, even my hair has changed in my 40s. I used to have soft, shiny, straight hair. Now it’s course, frizzy hair.


  2. very good I’m older than you . I do feel like I eat fairly well always room for doing better. exercise is so important I walk and ride my bike. This does fit into my life very easy. For years I went to the GYM and did water classes. I spent a lot of time at the Y. to much time . I am just at the part of my life to be healthy and to embrace my curves. Lots of stress for me looking at a numbers on the scales. When I finally became happy with my body I have actually lost 5 lbs. wow. Thanks.

  3. So very many great truths here. I am amazed at how much of a difference there is in my 40’s than in my 30’s…..and others say the same. I am working hard to meet other goals other than the scale numbers! Thanks for such an encouraging post:)

  4. I am a physician, and my specialty is health optimization, which includes weight optimization of course. If I may offer one piece of information for you, it’s that when we decide to “lose weight” via dieting and/or exercise, it’s kind of like we have gone to a website that offers stock trades, and we buy some stocks thinking we are going to get rich without really knowing what we are doing. The failure rate is 95% within 5 years of setting out to make a change. There is a plethora of research in medicine that brings us objective informtion with respect to what the best in the world are doing to help their patients, such as the founder and director of the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Clinic, Dr. Lawrence Cheskin who is one of the world’s leading researchers and treating physicians in this field. There is a game online that brings us some of this information in a surprisingly fun format that takes approximately 4 minutes daily to play. It’s not for profit for the creators of the game, which is terrific, and it actually adds even more incentive by paying cash rewards for those who learn the information coming through the “click and learn” video/audio/email links. Click here if you want to check it out. They only charge $22.49 to play, and 100% pays the overhead (website expense) and the cash prizes to players. I’m impressed. http://goo.gl/P0l2Zm

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