1. I just can’t do this one, Sandy – sounds so complex. I agree with her theories, but guess I will keep peace with inflammation for now 😉

    1. Oh honey…I don’t blame you. If I wasn’t already so committed, I would stop. I’m just baffled as to how I”m supposed to test every single food I eat!! When you get on The Plan facebook page or read the book, you see all these situations where people were “reactive” to crazy things, like “oat bran” in an English muffin. Or paprika in a dried spice mix. And it took them forever to narrow it down to that.

      I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with it all right now. I’m going to do my best to get through the next week and test a few of my regular foods that are known to be “highly reactive” for most people (oatmeal, corn, black beans, salmon) and then I’ll probably be done with it.

      At the very least, I know exactly what I can eat to drop 5 pounds.

  2. You are amazing for doing this. I just had to tell you how much I loved this post. You can make me laugh so! I don’t mean to laugh at you, for sure…but you have a gift for making things funny. 🙂
    We lived in KY for two years, and I do remember the winter being so dreadfully gray. I hope spring arrives soon there!!

  3. I’ve wondered how The Plan is going for you. Great write up. Flax Seed Granola sounds yummy.

    I just realized my RSS feed for your blog isn’t working. Fixing that now 🙂

    Dreary OH winter weather has affected me more this year than ever before. Seriously ready for spring!

    1. Flax seed granola is interesting and edible. But I would not call it “yummy.” I would not choose to eat this on a regular day. But maybe you’d LOVE it??? According to Lyn-Genet, lots of clients get addicted to it.

  4. Again Sandy, Wow you work so hard at things like this I am impressed. This would be one I would sit out. I look forward to doing P90X2 which I hope to start in April or May.

  5. I’d love to test this out; however, virtually every food you’ve listed that is part of the plan is something that sounds gross to me (or something I’ve never heard of). Which tells me that perhaps my best course of action right now is to simply introduce more veggies into our world.

    Yay for Kelly! She’s in California right now having some ‘couple time’ with her hubs, so you may not hear from her with an addy for a few days. 🙂

    1. What have you never heard of? The only thing I had not heard of or tried was Manchego. It’s sheep’s milk cheese and it’s from Spain, apparently. And it’s delicious. I found it at my regular grocery store in the gourmet cheese section near the deli. The food itself on The Plan is pretty good. Some of it is DELICIOUS! But you gotta love veggies, because you eat them in abundance, cooked and raw at every meal, except breakfast.

  6. Just a thought…to save yourself some postage…you could just pee off the back sticker on the iTunes gift cards and email the redemption code to the winners. (I’m cheap like that, lol.)

    1. E. Tyler…
      Just wanted you to know your comment made me laugh out loud and I am still laughing. Thanks!! I needed that.

    2. OK…I’m assuming by “pee off the back” you mean PEEL off the back. Because I don’t see how urine will remove this sticker! 😉

      And really, I had no idea I could do that. I will absolutely go that route. Especially for my “international” winner. THANK YOU!!!

      1. Sandy, you can email me or real mail me anytime :). But yes, please don’t send me a peed on iTunes card :). Hahahaha!

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