1. Thanks for clearing so much of that up for me! I guess I missed it the last time it was posted, so a great repeat definitely! We're working on cutting out the processed foods in our home. The hubs isn't totally on board. He loves those Little Debbie snacks. I'm with you-totally gross. What do you think about canned veggies? I'm a total rookie here and could use any help.

  2. Hi Sandi ,sorry your sick…no fun…I know that feeling of feeling yucky and uninspired! Hope you are well soon…interesting post. I do try to eat pretty healthy, and mostly "whole" food, but have been hearing that word "whole" food a lot lately and was wondering what the distinction was…

  3. I'm one of your lucky seven:) It's been aloooong week here too. This was and IS a great, informative post! (It's Mindy:)

  4. I love your list of examples! When I was a Girl Scout leader, we were learning about smart food shopping, and one of the girls stated a helpful rule: "If it's an adjective instead of a noun, it's probably not the real food."–like "yogurty coated fruity flavored snacks" contain small amounts of highly processed yogurt and fruit, along with a lot of sugar and fake stuff.

    Liz: What I have read about canned veggies is that most of them are much less nutritious than frozen or fresh versions of the same veg, and they tend to be high in sodium. (Canned BEANS other than green beans retain their nutrients, though, and you can remove a lot of salt by rinsing them which also reduces the gassy effect.) FROZEN vegs actually can be more nutritious than fresh, though, if the fresh vegs were harvested days ago, because frozen ones usually are frozen within a day of harvest.

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