1. Amen and amen! Thank the Lord for friends! We need to shout louder. I’ve often said how easy it is for those within churches to receive help and prayer if they’re suffering from a physical illness, but the wellspring of good wishes vanishes around mental health problems. I may well always have mental health problems, but why should I be ashamed of that? Why should I be made to feel ‘less than’ and excluded? I wrote a post with a similar theme last week (Cathy, Come Home) – not exactly the same but with some of the same issues.
    Lots of love to you, from one Sandy to another xxx

    1. Why do you think that is, Sandy? Why do you think we have a wellspring of good wishes for physical illness but not mental? I have some ideas but I’m curious what you think. Because you’ve obviously given this some thought. And you have a cool name.

      1. Actually it’s my ‘online name’, but I chose it with much prayer. I think the subject of mental health is still so taboo that even within churches we shy away from it. Also I have heard it said that if you’re a Christian you ‘shouldn’t’ be depressed because you have Jesus. This is a frighteningly naive version of faith but I wonder how many still hold to a ‘safe’ but naive faith?

  2. I am proud to say that in Canada we do have a day….every January we have Bell Let’s Talk day, where every tweet and Facebook share raises money for mental health initiatives and helps to fight the stigma of mental illness. And a Canadian Olympian Clara Hughes did a cross Canada bike ride to raise funds and awareness too. It would be great if this could go from a Canadian initiative to a world wide one. I encourage you and your readers to check out http://letstalk.bell.ca/en/ and watch for Let’s Talk day 2016.

    And thanks for this post too Sandy. It is close to home. As someone who has many close to me who struggle with Depression and/or Anxiety it is always helpful to have a fresh perspective on what they might be going through. I will be sharing this. Thanks

  3. I love you Sandy. I love these words. They are comforting and enlightening at the same time. I often feel alone in my own version of this. And then there’s the swirling feeling of guilt in my head telling me I have no right! to feel this way, given how blessed I am. It helps to read your thoughts and feelings as I can relate so much to many of them. Love and blessings to you sweet girl!

  4. Thank you for bringing this up. My husband struggles with this and I have learned about the harsh realities of depression over the last several years. I really appreciate your honesty! I hope you are feeling better.

    1. Thank you Melissa. I’m sorry about your husband. Depression sometimes looks different in men, more irritability and anger than sadness and crying. That must be hard for you both. (and yes, I am feeling better.)

  5. This post really hit home. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for a very long time. It runs in my family.

    I did want to tell you about a race held in my state, Nebraska.

    5 years ago a local family lost their oldest son to suicide. No one in the family realized that he was suffering from depression. Since that time, his family started “Run to Overcome”. It’s a yearly race that is held in September and it supports mental health. Because people don’t understand it, they don’t talk about it and don’t understand how debilitating depression is. His family has now learned so much about mental health and of course wish they would have known about it before it was too late. It would be amazing if more states held these runs as well.


  6. Thank you, Sandy, for putting words to my feelings. I have suffered from depression since my 20’s and no one, simply no one understands unless they have walked in those heavy shoes. I had a major depressive episode and had to quit my job. Everything you describe is so true. I can’t get the strength to go out with friends, I can’t rush, I feel as if I’m walking through mud up to my hips. I want someone sitting on my head with a BB gun to shoot down all the negative thoughts that bombard my brain. It took 14 months to find the right combo of meds so I could feel somewhat good again. I’m thankful each morning I wake up and talk with God. Thank you again for bringing light on this disease…

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