1. You go girl!!! I feel empowered!!!!

    Oh, how we let — insert "me" — let other things determine our value and our worth. Yep, to allow anything so much power and control in our lives is not a good thing…nor is it a God-thing.

    I listened to the teaching from Pastor Tim the other day. And among many of the pearls he threw out, there was something that was confirmation of what the Lord was speaking to me about — apparently the Lord has been very very chatty lately!

    There are certain idols I have in my life. These, like the idols Rachel carried with her from her father's house into her life with Jacob, are "hidden". These "idols" are not "obviously" worshipped by me. But boy do they have control in my life.

    Yesterday morning, I started laying them down on the altar. I took a deep breathe. I was amazed that at that very moment there didn't seem to be this supernaturally "moving" experience. I just felt this part of me handing things over to the Lord. There was a bit of saddness throughout the day because I didn't know what it meant to have relinquished these things to the Lord. I wasn't sure if the Lord was goign to purify them or just go and KILL them. But at the same time, it was liberating.

  2. Oh, I know that feeling about hearing your daughter talk about her weight. My SIX year old has started to notice the difference between her and her little classmates. My child is a healthy child, not fat at all, but she has always been high on the percentile charts in both weight and height. (Except when she was born, she was such a tiny thing!) She's also noticed that her hair is curly and not straight like her friends, and already she's developed a love/hate relationship with her hair. She's absolutely beautiful, and I want her to make know that. She's active and healthy and I want to raise her with a healthy body image. Tough to do in this day and age! She looks a lot like the girl on "That's So Raven", a show she's just gotten into, and has been delighted to find someone that looks "just like her" on TV, and that seems to have helped.

    I should probably pay closer attention to your Fitness Fridays, lol! I am SO not fitness conscious! I'm way too lazy, lol! And I've been blessed with a child who is very athletic, and I have to keep up with her! I am getting to be more health conscious, though…I recently had a blood transfusion because I was severely anemic and that along with losing my brother last November was a big wakeup call! (Plus I'm knocking on the door of 40 and I need to get it together!) So perhaps I can get some tips from you! I don't like to sweat or get out of breath or lift heavy things or run in place, lol! I'm hopeless! But I DO like to dance, so I think I need to find some kind of dancing thing to do!

  3. Reads like a fairytale, with an evil villain and where good triumphs in the end! But seriously, this is a humbling reminder to me to be careful what example I set for my kids too.

  4. I threw out my scale quite a few months ago, feeling that God was prompting me to do so. The thing is, I wasn't even very addicted to it, but when I did step on it, it dictated my mood for the day. I have still yo-yo'd a bit since then, but my focus now isn't on what I weigh, but on what God is teaching me. I have learned since then that sugar causes me to feel very tired, and that I can't concentrate as well at the task in front of me. I don't feel that God is calling me to come totally off of sugar, but to wait until mid-afternoon if I want to have anything sweet. This way, I'm not craving and eating sugar the whole day…and the effects of the sugar don't seem to be as strong later on in the day. I tried stevia sweet 'n bake as a sugar substitute, but found it very bitter and couldnt eat much of it.

    If you have any wisdom on that, that would be great!

    Connie, Winnipeg, Canada

  5. I wish every woman in America would read this post, do what they could about eating healthy and moving more and ditch their scale. I think every woman I meet is adorable ~ I just wish they thought so too.

    Thanks for this brilliant post, Sandy.

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