1. I did the same thing several years back! 45 day fast from processed and junk foods (which meant sugar and my International Delights creamer). I lost 15 lbs. And of course, I felt closer to God than I ever had before.

    I now have my 2-3 cups of morning coffee with a (large) shot of 1% milk. And it’s delicious! And sweet coffee – yuck, gag.

    Sadly, the weight has returned (probably due to the processed and junk foods…I brought everything back except the sugar in my coffee, lol).

    1. What a great time to stop eating processed food!!!!! I won’t say “God is speaking to you” or anything…but….
      Just kidding. It’s probably not God. Just Sandy.

  2. I have been drinking sugarless coffee for years. But the times I give up half and half, I just get plain sad.

    I am trying to kick the sugar eating habit altogether. Well, mostly altogether. I haven’t eaten anything with white flour or sugar for 4 days except tonight when the frosted chocolate chip cookie my daughter made called my name. But back to the plan tomorrow – it’s funny, I am actually excited because I feel icky and heavy after my sweet treat. Still working on that balance of having a bite or two instead of an entire serving. It’s actually easier for me to just cut myself off completely. But….life happens and sometimes that is okay too.

    I find it fascinating how quickly our taste buds can change in either direction so quickly!

    1. I have no idea how to have just a bite or two. Once I start eating sweets, I’m done-for. I think the only people who can do that are people who don’t really like sweets. But they are also the ones who will sit down to a whole platter of deep-fried chicken wings or consume an entire basket of french fries. I think it’s so important to recognize where our weaknesses lie. And I completely agree about feeling icky and heavy afterwards. Both Friday and Saturday, we took the kids out for ice-cream. I love ice-cream. But I reminded myself how it makes me feel, and it was so much easier for me to say no.

  3. Oh this is SO well-timed for me. My joy of choice has always been salty- mostly chips, but I told my husband this week that for the first time EVER I feel like I have a sugar addiction. We have now passed “birthday season” (4 of the 5 in our family have birthdays from late March to mid May) so I’M DOWN WITH THE SUGAR FAST. Thanks for the great post.

    1. Birthdays are the hardest. I’m learning that just because I’m making it, doesn’t mean I have to eat it. And just because the rest of the family is indulging, it doesn’t mean I have to indulge, too. I always feel so much better afterwards when I don’t.

  4. I’m trying a refined sugar-free diet and I’ve cut out caffeine nearly altogether. I drink decaf coffee and tea and if I need a ‘boost’ I have a drink of ‘energy tea’ which is a herbal blend. I’m also just about to try a three day juice boost detox thingy to see whether I can manage it and to at least try to increase my fruit and veg intake. I really need to do this because I’ve gained more than 60lb in 5 years This is not good! It’s crept up on me but when I had to buy new clothes in a UK size 18 I was rather shocked. It’s probably a good thing. I am generally feeling better already. I don’t get the sugar peaks and troughs any more. I miss my chocolate… but I’ll have some sometimes because PMT doesn’t disappear with the sugar, unfortunately o_O

    1. Good for you for making healthy changes. I’ve done 3-Day juicing and smoothie cleanses and have always felt great afterward. Let me know how it goes.

  5. I am doing the 21 Day Fix with my daughter with the eating plan. I am doing it to encourage her. It’s only been 6 days but its been tough. Going without sugar is the hardest for me. I have used a spoon of truvia in my coffee but not my favorite cinnamon creamer. I know long term I would be so much better to be one who does not use much sugar… I just dont know if I will get there. This 21 day fast from sugar will help but after I don’t know?

    1. I started 21 Day Fix in the Fall and had to quickly stop it. We had just started the selection process of building the house, and I realized I could not be consumed with those little containers. I was surprised by how small they were. Especially the carb one. 🙂 Good luck and let me know how that goes for you!!!

      1. Two weeks in and it is going ok. I miss my sugar but I think mostly I miss the things that flavor what you eat like mayonnaise and butter and stuff like that. 7 lbs and I am sure it is because of the tremendous reduction in sugar intake.

  6. Hi Sandy,

    I really enjoyed this post very much because I believe if a person does nothing else, he or she should cut out the sugared coffee in the morning. The sweet coffee is a set up for more sweet cravings the rest of the day. Switching to black coffee is pretty easy when done in stages so perhaps your readers can give this a try! Simply put…cut back a little at a time. First week 3/4 sweet to 1/4 black then less and less until you are half sweet, 1/3 sweet, 1/4 sweet and so on until the coffee is all black. Just as you said, now that I switched to black and I crave and enjoy black coffee and couldn’t drink a full sweet one if you paid me:) Have a great day and good luck everyone!!

    1. Jillian, thanks for the tip. I’m sure that will be helpful for someone. I kept telling myself that I could wean like that, but it never worked for me. I had to use the “ripped off Band-Aid” approach: just drink Joyless Black Coffee for a period of time to completely break the desire for sweet. I am one of those people who cannot have “just one bite” of sugar. Once I taste it, I crave it. I’m very all-or-nothing with sweets.

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