1. We really like P90X!!

    The yoga isn't my fav – like you said – it went on and on and on. My absolute favorite workout is Plyo's! LOVE IT.

    We haven't done the diet plan…. but I have made some of the recipes from it – and they rocked 🙂

    Great post 🙂

    Kate 🙂

  2. I've always been curious….but I also don't like feeling like I can't so much as move a finger the next day due to muscle soreness. For some reason, the family still expects me to perform normal mom duties, working out or not.

    How did your body feel the next day after the intense toning parts?

  3. Mindy,

    I've worked out hard with weights for many years, so I can't really say P90X made me any more sore (sorer?) than working out at other times. Sure, I get sore, but muscle soreness from exercise is actually a good thing. It means the little muscle fibers worked hard enough to tear, need to repair, and grow. And growth is what you want.

    If you are getting so sore that you cannot function, then you are working out too hard. Pick a lighter weight. Go for a shorter amount of time. Do fewer reps.

    If I get super-duper sore, I will sleep with a heating pad and take tylenol or motrin during the day. It should only last a day or two.

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