1. I haven't tried Agave nectar so I appreciate this detailedinformation. I wondered why it is in all the health food stores, yet it's not on diet/ingredients lists I use. I haven't purchased it because all the flavors/vareties in the health food store contain "natural flavoring". You don't get me started on that topic! "Health Food" and "Natural" aren't not always healthy and/or natural!!!

  2. Personally, I don't like Agave Nectar. I bought it with all the high hopes of it sweetening my food. I recently gave my mom the once used bottle that was sitting in my cabinet for almost a year (does the stuff go bad?).

    I drink 1 Sprite Zero a day and that is about all the artificial sweetner I take in. I will do some truvia every now and again. But gotta be honest, when I am wanting that brownie…I go for sugar. Don't do it often but just enough that one brownie produces a sugar coma (I guess since I haven't been having much when I have any it makes me feel awful afterwards).

    I would love for there to be a sweetening alternative that is actually good for you. I have, unfortunately, been conditioned in life to enjoy sweetness…mmmm mmmm good.

  3. I'm a purist….as in pure, white, delicious sugar. I have decided it is my cross to bear in this life….sigh.

    If I wasn't a baker it wouldn't be such a big deal, but since that's what I'm known for 'round these parts I buy white sugar *gasp* fairly frequently. And feed it to my children and their friends.

    I comfort myself with the fact that we have have smoothies frequently and plenty of green veggies and I don't let them watch Jerry Springer (hee-hee)

    Thanks for all your helpful info! Have a great weekend:)

  4. Interesting. I have been reading a popular vegan book (Skinny *****). I would NOT recommend reading this book to anyone due to the foul language. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started reading it on the plane and had no other reading material. But Agave Nectar is at the top of the list for sugar substitutes, followed by Stevia!

  5. **GASP** No wonder my kids love it. It's the only high fructose corn syrup I've let them have for three months. 😉

    So, when we ran out I didn't replace it (lazy) and I just use stevia, I didn't really love it all that much.

    Thanks for the 411

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