1. Speaking of laughter, you left off one important aspect of the push-up contest…that’s right…laughter. There’s an added degree of difficulty when three taunting children are yelling “go, go, go” in your face. I mean how does one continue to pump out push-ups when your stomach is cramped up from laughter. Just saying.

    Still, 34 push-ups is pretty freakin’ amazing.

    Sore Loser,

    1. Let me have this, Jon. I ran with you a few weeks ago and stopped after 5 minutes. Let me have the push-up contest. That, and Centipede. I can beat you in Centipede.

      Your wife.

      P.S. Happy Birthday

  2. The sweets in schools drives me crazy! My daughter is almost 3 and goes to a morning program twice a week. Almost once a week, she’s had a giant cupcake or cookie because someone had a birthday and brought in treats. I used to work in an elem school and was appalled at the lunches, not to mention treats, parties and candy rewards. I hear ya!

  3. While I do agree with the nutrition in school aspect, we are on the opposite end of the spectrum where NO FOOD other than a packed lunch is allowed. (some grades have a snack depending on when their lunch hour is.)

    There is not even a snack at the parties. (sniffle….)

    So, I think that there can be a balance, as in, for the three parties a year, can the kids have a fun cookie and some water? Or, pick one day a month to celebrate those birthdays – advise the parents ahead of time what day it is and we will let that be their treat that day instead of one in the lunch box or at dinner.

    Such a first world problem 😉

    Have a good weekend!

    1. I agree, Mindy. I think a balance would be nice–our school has not found that yet. Doesn’t sound like yours has either.

      There are so many good healthy snacks that kids could have at parties that do not have to be store-bought cookie cakes or store-bought cupcakes with 3-inch blue frosting (those appear so often in my kids’ classrooms. I despise them.) Popcorn or fruit with a sweet dip is such a treat to a kid, yet still has nutritional value. A home made granola bar. A giant tray of fresh and colorful veggies and dip. Trail mix…I could go on…

      It is a “first world problem” in the sense that we are probably the only nation who has such an epidemic of obese kids, kids with type 2 diabetes, kids with heart disease. It breaks my heart.

      When I hear the term “first world problem” I think of something that seems significant to us, but in light of the world’s problems, really isn’t a big deal. But I think this truly is a big problem. On one end of the spectrum, kids in other countries are dying of malnutrition. On our end of the spectrum, kids are dying (or are very ill) from over-indulgence and STILL malnutrition. So, I think it’s a pretty big deal. And in our country, it’s such an easy fix. Because we have unlimited access to whole foods. If we just fed our kids a diet of mainly whole foods, the occasional treat wouldn’t really matter all that much.

      OK…I’m ranting again.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hope I didn’t just scare you away!! 🙂

  4. I like your way of voting! 😉
    The snacks are awful, I wrote a similar post on my blog last week about the awful “treats” people feed to their kids all the time. I find it ridiculous that my daughter walks out of dance with suckers and candy every week and I get looked at like the bad mom when I tell her she isn’t going to eat that right before dinner (if ever!).

  5. My husband and I went to see a famous comedian and I laughed harder than I ever had in my life before or since. I was sore for days afterwards. More than ab ripper X. Hmmm…maybe I just start watching comedy DVDs rather than that P90X.

  6. Wow, you, Michelle AND Ellen can beat me in a push up contest! I think that the stuff served at school is ridiculous! We used to have a “Nutrition Break” in high school, but what they sold at the cafeteria was mostly candy bars, donuts and soda!

  7. I did watch Honey Boo Boo a couple of times just because it’s my job to be culturally relevant and all that. I do have to say, the kid is hilarious. Parents? Nope. But she is really, really funny. Much funnier than my kids.

    Just think how much funnier she’d be if she actually had a vegetable once in a while.

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