1. I’ve enjoyed Fitness Friday and like most things in life if they are worthy then they are worthy of repeating. I have also enjoyed your reviews of workout programs which have been helpful. Thanks for all you do in promoting fitness.

    1. Thanks, Mark. I enjoyed writing Fitness Friday, too. In fact, I think about it every week as Friday approaches. I will still write fitness posts. It just won’t be a regular weekly feature. It hasn’t been for a long time. But the nagging “OMG! I NEEEEEED to do a FF post!” is now gone. I can write fitness posts any day of the week now. 🙂

  2. I am just glad that you are blogging again. I’m thrilled when I see a new post because I know it will be insightful and witty and most importantly well worth the time it takes to read. Often, I ponder a post for days after reading it.

    All that to say, post those fitness tips whenever you want, along with anything else your heard desires. I’m hear to read and learn.

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